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RED THREAD / 2016 / 4'56''

The film 'Red Thread' is an animated documentary about Taiwanese history and identity. 'Red thread' is a metaphor throughout the movie as a direction to guide the main character to find his identity. The red thread will only appear when the main character feels lost. The books' Orphan of Asia' and 'Potsdam Section Chief' was written by Wu, Zhuoliu, which inspired me to write the story and think about Taiwanese identity across different eras. I could see Taiwanese struggling to be Chinese, Japanese, Mainlander, Islander, or pursuing western culture. 

I combined real people's voices with a narrative story to elaborate natural feelings to the audience. 

Red Thread' was nominated by Largo Film Festival, Feel The Reel International Film Festival, The Monthly Film Festival and was a winner of the Story Taiwan Film Competition. 


Directed by Sharon Lee

UCA Farnham 2016 / United Kingdom

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